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About Questioning Quraan

Questioning Quraan has started as a result of serious allegations of a Jew (screen name) iPackMan on Islam who described Principles of Islam as inhuman and deserving to be erased from the face of earth. He is Jew but not a Jew Alim neither he has study on Islam. I (Graphican) am also not an Alim of Islam but I love it and Quraan as a Muslim.  Being a Muslim, I accept pre-Islamic religious scriptures from God and  honor them and Identify them.

This is a discussion to listen and learn his (iPackMan’s) point of view and telling him mine and that of Islam with reasoning and logic only.  Its only starting and I hope more and more reasonable people will join-in and make this discussion fruitful and result-oriented.

I am praying to God to show both of us the right path and tell us what we know not. Aamin.



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